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Raffaele e Dwight

paolini stanford2Dwight and Raffaele, the owners of Nascondiglio di Bacco met while attending the University of Gastronomic Science near Parma where both obtained masters degrees in gastronomic sciente and quality food products. There they built a strong friendship built on similar beliefs and ideals including the crazy idea to make a world class wine together. During a long search throughout Italy for an appropriate vineyard, the search was narrowed to the Marche where Nascondiglio di Bacco was waiting with nearly 20 acres ready for planning and planting.

Raffaele, 30, is from Ascoli Piceno and has worked in journalism with his undergraduate degree in communication sciente. Dwight is from the central US where he worked for the previous 25 years as a general surgeon.

Though we have very disparate backgrounds, we both have a strong passion for wine, quality food products and are eager to pass on a bit of their knowledge to those with similar interests.

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